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Seasonal baby and children's consignment sales are a fast growing trend in the US and Canada. Many parents (and grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends) have learned that shopping for gently used items can be an effective way to stretch the "baby budget" without compromising on quality. Big name brands such as Graco, Evenflo, Carters and more can always be found. Boutique and high end brands such as Britax, Peg Perego, Catimini and Strausberg are oftentimes available for a fraction of the cost new. Savvy shoppers have learned that consignment is the way to go!

Organizing a seasonal consignment sale is no simple task. Many people underestimate the amount of planning and work involved. However, with proper preparation, these sales can bring in several thousand dollars in extra income. The seasonal nature makes them particularly suited for stay-at-home parents looking for extra income or as fundraisers for a church or other charity organization.

If you're thinking of starting a seasonal children's consignment sale you should ask yourself a few questions:

Is there a market for a children's sale in my area?
Are there any other sales in your area? If there are, is the market saturated or do you have a new and unique concept? Are there lots of babies and preschoolers in your area? Young families? How about consignment shops - are there many? Do they do well? How will you compete?

Do I have the time to put into a sale?
Seasonal sales require long hours for several days. Do you have childcare available? Do you have family and friends who can help? Should you solicit a partner who will share in the profits? If you are holding a fundraiser, do you have enough volunteers?

Are there any legal restrictions in my area?
Some areas restrict how long a consignment sale can be held. Some restrict the locations. Some may require you to charge sales tax. Call your local government.

Can I find a regular location?
Do you have a location with enough space? Can you rent it on a regular basis? This can be the biggest hurdle to starting a sale. Some locations may require you to have "event insurance." Event insurance is a good idea anyway. Check with your insurance agent about prices and available policies.

Many other questions can be answered by viewing the listings on this website. Visit the websites of other sales, download their flyers, and get an idea of what is involved - especially in your area. Many times other sale organizers will be happy to answer questions for you.

Here at Kids Consignment Sales, we are in the final stages of putting together a comprehenisve "How To" manual that will include:

  • How to approach location owners
  • How to solicit consignors
  • The most effective ways to advertise
  • Where to get racks and how to build your own
  • How to most effectively display merchandise
  • The Top Ten things NOT TO DO!

If you're interested in being notified when this is available, please complete the following form and we'll put you on the list!



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