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Resources for Consignors:


Product Recalls:

Before you consign that car seat, pack-n-play, or stroller - check the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Recalls Database:

Stain Removal:
Baby clothes have those "mystery stains" that appear after they've been in storage for a while? Had a toddler who was not so adept with a spoon? We can help with stain removal tips::

  • OxiClean Baby - one of our favorites, soaks out spit-up stains in no time!

  • OxiClean Versatile - got bigger kids? This is the one you need. It removes grass stains, chocolate, even grease. (We should know, we have boys!)


Tagging Help :

Not sure what size those shoes are? Here's a chart that can help:
Children's Shoe Sizing

Need to translate a S-M-L size to a number size? Here's a list of common brands like Gap, Gymboree, Hanna and Old Navy:
Clothing Size Conversion


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